Lodgings Hamburg

available rooms

Contract information and creating your user accounts.

After you receive an email, in the stands, that you can rent your room-requested, by clicking on the link in the email you will have to enter additional data with which your user account will be created.

Offer of reservation and contract

You have now the opportunity to select a room and generate a contract. Do not be surprised if the room that you originally requested no longer appears in the list. It may be that someone else has generated for this room in the meantime already a contract.
Once you generate a contract, the room is initially not displayed on the website as free. It is basically up to the signing of the contract or until the payment of the deposit to be blocked for those who requested for the room contract.

Sobald du einen Vertrag generierst, wird das Zimmer zunächst nicht mehr auf der Internetseite als frei agezeigt. Es ist im Grunde bis zur Vertragsunterzeichnung respektive bis zur Einzahlung der Kaution auf denjenigen geblockt der für das Zimmer ein Vertragsangebot angefordert hat.

To ask first for a room contract leads not to a legally binding contract.

Only when the contract is signed and returned and / or the deposit is received, the Contract will have his legal effect and the room will not be put back on the website as free. Everyone is requesting a contract offer has between five and seven days to send the signed contract back and / or to pay the deposit.

Closing several contracts / renting a room

You can of course request several rooms within the same time period. It should be noted that for each room, which will be reserved at the same time a deposit must be paid. But not in several contract created after another in time for the same or a different room.

The Lodgings Hamburg team wishes you good luck and success.